7 June 2008

Phone conversations

Whether talking to a friend, family, a scholar, a teacher, or any other person one much always keep the following basic priinciples in mind. Do not always assume that because you or the other person has "free call time" it is always convenient or appropriate for your to call. Keep in mind:

1. Always identify yourself by saying your name unless it is someone very close to you - indeed there maybe more than one Ayesha or Abdullah the person you are calling knows, and voices are not always easy to distinguish by all.

2. Ensure it is convenient for the person to speak and that they are not engaged in other activities.

3. Do not engage in conversation or answer questions until you know who is calling - lest you disclose something you shouldn't.

4. Choose the right time for your call, whether calling relatives, friends, employees or officials - avoid meal times and prayer times in particular.

5. Make your conversation brief and to the point, so it will not interfere with thier business or other calls they themselves have to make or receive (Particularly important with Shaykhs and such like - do not make a 20 minute story about a simple question, be succinct and try to mention only that which is relevant).

6. When conversing with a member of the opposite sex, for an appropriate reason (eg: a teacher, scholar etc) then be sure not to go off topic, and maintain a level of respect and formality.

7. Sisters - If you have a naturally soft voice, try to make it more 'rough' - so as not to encourage the one who may have illness in thier heart. Indeed in the extra effort this involves will come extra reward inshaAllah for wanting to please Allah (سبحانه وتعالى).


Umm Sakina said...

Al Hamdulilah! Well written and accurate. We need bloggers like you al hamdulilah may Allah increase your reward, guide you and save you from the grave punishment and grant you Jannah. I didnt know how to e mail you its been so long since I used my own blog, so i just wanted to say #7 needs to be spelled "their". mashaAllah.Assalamou alikom to all those rightly guided, Umm Sakina

Adventurous Ammena said...

interesting... thanks for this sis :)o

Lazeena Umm Yusuf said...

Good advice alhamdulillah. I notice when people start prolonging the conversation and have already discussed the purpose of the call.. it tends to turn towards gossip and backbiting, so it's very important to stay on point when having conversations on the phone or even in person!

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Umm Saaliha said...

JazakhumAllahu khairun for the info.

Fahim kamtan mirza said...

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