6 June 2008

Answering a Question...

One often without realising hastens to answer something without any knowledge, or understanding. Whether it be giving a hasty diagnosis to a friend or family member who has "a similar symptom" to what links to disease x, y, z or whether you simply delve in, glory seeking, to answer a question on a "fiqh" issue with your five minutes of studying at hand.

If someone else in your company is asked a question about something you may also know, do not rush to answer. Instead, do not answer until you are asked. This is the better manner and the nobler attitude. It will generate interest in what you say at the same time as enhancing your respect.

The Tabi'i Mujahid Ibn Jabr (رضى الله عنه) recalled that Luqman the wise, said to his son,

"If another person was asked a question, never hasten to answer, as if you are going to gain booty or win a special prize. By doing so you will belittle the questioner, will offend the questioned and will join obnoxious people with your stupidity and ill manners."

So in effect, one should not act as if on a quiz show "fastest finger first" - but one should hasten to adhere to correct manners, by ensuring others are not harmed by our tongue or actions.

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